An Interdisciplinary Campus

© ©M.Matthey/LUH
View at the HITec hallway

The location of the HITec building was deliberately chosen so that a large number of participating institutions are located in the immediate vicinity. With the realization of HITec, Leibniz Universität Hannover forms an interdisciplinary campus in the cross-sectional area of physics and geodesy. Therefore, the HITec building is erected right next to an existing office wing, which was refurbished as part of this construction project, and the two buildings are connected structurally. The laboratories with increased quality requirements are provided in the building, while office space and workshops are provided in the existing building. Using both buildings ensures the close cooperation with groups working in the same building.

© ©M.Matthey/LUH
Air-conditioning system of HITec

The HITec building is designed to facilitate 100 to 120 researchers. The employees will be recruited from the existing HITec groups, as well as scientists from future third party funding. Here, close cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence QUEST should be mentioned. In QUEST top researchers in management positions were attracted to Hannover, for example through Double Career Appointments. This positive equality trend will be reinforced by the attractive HITec research environment and the family-friendly utilization concept, and supported by the equality concept of Leibniz Universität Hannover and QUEST-Leibniz Research School.

Time laps of the construction of the HITec building