Become a quantum engineer

New Master's programme starts in the winter semester at Leibniz University. Apply now until 15 July.

On the verge of the second quantum revolution, quantum physics is moving from fundamental research into industrial application. Quantum computing, quantum simulation, cryptography and sensing are just some of the fields that are currently being transformed by quantum technology. Industries around the world are also investing in these areas, creating a growing demand for qualified personnel that can hardly be met at present.

Within the framework of QuantumFrontiers, Leibniz Universität Hannover and TU Braunschweig are addressing this with two linked master's degree programmes. In this context, the combination of knowledge and skills from the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering plays a crucial role. The degree programme closes a gap that previous degree programmes were unable to fill. The Master of Science Quantum Engineering in Hannover will be offered for the first time in the winter semester of 2022, while the Master of Science Quantum Technologies in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Braunschweig will start one year later.

Online application is still possible until 15 July.

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