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News & Media

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr the progress of construction of the Einstein-Elevator will be shown here.

german/deutsch: Zusätzlich zu Facebook, Twitter, Instagram und Flickr wird der Aufbau des Einstein-Elevators hier gezeigt. Die Texte dazu gibt es nur in englisch.

General information

Some general information will be prepared as PowerPoint-Slides.
This section is coming soon...

Einstein-Elevator in social networks

homepage: https://www.facebook.com/einsteinelevator

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homepage: https://www.instagram.com/einstein_elevator/

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profile: einstein-elevator

Most of the times the posts are marked with following hashtags: #EinsteinElevator, #microgravity, #hypogravity, #hypergravity, #weightlessness, #research, #droptower, #lineardrive, #HITec, #Hannover, #Schwerelosigkeit, #schwerelos, #Forschung, #Fallturm, #Linearmotor

Einstein-Elevator in Wikipedia


Securing a drive cart for transport to the top of the Einstein-Elevator
Threading jointly of a cart into the high-precision guide rails
Final assembly and adjustment work before the drive cart is lowered
Lowering one of the two carts by crane to park position at the bottom of the Einstein-Elevator


Installing the Drive Carts: The last two days we mounted the two carts to its rails with a great team.


The work platform has been installed: now the cabling starts and additional devices will be installed.


The steel framework is finished: the parts of the outer and inner tower are mounted and aligned.

View from Loading Level


Inner and outer steel frame reach the final height: Now you can imagine what it will look like.


Construction of the Einstein-Elevator starts: First parts of the steel frame are mounted.


The construction work continues: Ready to install the inner steelwork e.g. stairways, levels and the Einstein-Elevator itself.


A big puzzle: The Einstein-Elevator is welded from thousands of metal parts.


Externally finished: The facade of the tower is mounted and the scaffold is now being dismantled.


The foundation for minimal residual acceleration: the individual ring foundations for the two intertwining towers.


Visualization of the concept: 3D-printed model of the Einstein-Elevator with moveable gondola.


3D-printed model of HITec and the Einstein-Elevator together with their surrounding buildings (Part 2).


3D-printed model of HITec and the Einstein-Elevator together with their surrounding buildings (Part 1).


Skyline of Hannover: Picture from the roof of the Einstein-Elevator building.


Picture from outer space: HITec and the foundation of the Einstein-Elevator photographed by a satellite in 2015. (Image: Google, DigitalGlobe)


Development of the tower: the building was growing over the last two years. The current progress you can find here: Webcam.


The building is waiting for input: the 40 m high tower is currently empty.


The Einstein-Elevator materializes: the 430 m steel tube has been delivered.


It is a little over two years ago: the parking area has become a construction site. Updates on the construction site can be found here.


The Einstein-Elevator evolves: first draft to final concept.


A fascinating project grows. With our facebook-, twitter-, instagram- and flickr-account in addition to the "news & media" section of our homepage we will keep you informed about the progress.