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German Center for Astrophysics wins competition for structural funding

German Center for Astrophysics wins competition for structural funding

Great joy about the great success: Wolfgang E. Nagel (TU Dresden), Katharina Henjes-Kunst (DESY), Günther Hasinger (ESA), Stefan Wagner (Uni Heidelberg), Michèle Heurs (LUH) (from left).

The decision in the competition "Wissen.schafft.Perspektiven" (Knowledge creates perspectives) has been made: With the German Center for Astrophysics - Research. Technology. Digitization. (DZA), a major national research center with international appeal is being created that will drive forward resource-saving digitization, develop new technologies, ensure transfer and create prospects for the region - firmly rooted in Lusatia in Saxony.

The DZA is a joint initiative of astronomy and astroparticle physics in Germany. The initiative includes many renowned scientists, among them Prof. Dr. Michèle Heurs, Institute for Gravitational Physics at Leibniz Universität Hannover and spokesperson of the Science Board at QuantumFrontiers.

The center is supported by the major German science organizations. It will be located in Görlitz and in the district of Bautzen. After the start-up phase, annual funding of around 170 million euros is planned for the final expansion stage, and the center itself will employ more than 1,000 people.

Read the complete press release of Leibniz University (in German)