A Worldwide Unique Research Infrastructure

The development and testing of highly accurate quantum sensors requires specific laboratory conditions, especially concerning temperature stability, simultaneous vibrational decoupling of building and ground as well as a cleanroom environment. Additionally, a housetop measuring site (“Messdach”) is needed, which allows a direct view on satellites. 

Exactly this infrastructure, which has hitherto not been existent neither at the Leibniz Universität Hannover nor at the HITec partner institutes or in a national setting, is realized through the new research building. This will secure a prominent position for Hannover in the academic competition all over the world over the medium and long term and creates a platform for Germany as a science location, which is highly attractive for international researchers.

In addition to excellent laboratory conditions, three large-scale equipment facilities are in use, which are globally unique in their combination.


© M.Mathey/HITec

The most striking feature is the so-called Einstein Elevator, which will perform experiments at a high rate under conditions of weightlessness.


Another feature is a fibre drawing system, which enables the development and manufacturing of glass-fibres, for example, for space-qualified applications.


The third major device is a so-called atomic fountain, which explores high-precision measurement technologies based on matter waves, to be tested and developed.